Hello! Today is the last day of Week 3: Nutrition. Just to give you a quick recap, here are the topics that we’ve covered during this week: 

  • The role diet plays in your SIBO journey
  • Types of SIBO diet protocols
  • Importance of diversity in your nutrition
  • Managing food intolerances and food reintroduction with Naturopath and Nutritionist Sandra Tenge
  • Understanding the seasonality of foods
  • Why going organic can have an impact on your overall health
  • How to make delicious SIBO friendly snacks

Expanding your nutrition, following a SIBO diet, learning about food intolerances and diversity of foods, and eating with the seasons can help you in your journey back to health. Always remember that food is our life source, not our enemy. 

To wrap up this week, check out this video from my SIBO Coaching Program to learn more about Nutrition.