Week 1 of my Living Well With SIBO Journey: 5-Week Challenge ends today. You now have a deeper understanding of how Awareness can help you in your own journey back to health. 

To give you a quick recap, here are the topics that we’ve covered during Week 1: Awareness:

  • How important Awareness is in transforming your health
  • Understanding your condition and your health history
  • SIBO symptoms and how to better track them
  • How your emotions, thoughts, surroundings and feelings impact your health
  • Understanding your nutrition and medication
  • How to have the right mindset, exercise and lifestyle

Awareness, the first Key Pillar to Health, is all about understanding your condition, why you have it, what you need to do to repair your gut, and tuning in to what your body is telling you.

I hope that by sharing tips, tools and resources, you now understand that there’s so much more to dealing with SIBO than just taking medications. Without Awareness, it is very difficult to achieve lasting health.

To wrap up this week, check out this guide where I share tips on how to create Awareness. You can also find links to my podcast episodes about Awareness in the link below.