Hi, everyone!

Yesterday, we talked about SIBO recovery and the importance of retesting. Now, let’s talk about SIBO relapse.

Many people suffer from recurrent SIBO, but why does SIBO relapse?

66% of all SIBO patients have chronic, relapsing SIBO. Relapse is often due to the underlying cause not being addressed. This can include the deficiency of the migrating motor complex (MMC) and anatomical or structural alteration affecting the small intestine.

Without addressing the underlying cause(s), it can be difficult to fully resolve your SIBO, and this is why relapse is so common.

With SIBO, another important thing to remember is that it really takes time to recover. Your treatment may take you months or years, and that’s totally okay. Some people may never achieve 100% resolution of their symptoms. They may get to 80% to 90% improvement, which for many, is a wonderful place to be. 

I’ve had a lot of SIBO coaching clients who have come to accept that their new normal is a bit different from their old normal. But because they now have a better understanding of their condition, they can listen to their body’s signals and are able to take action much quicker and prevent a full blown relapse.