Good morning, everyone! How are you all doing?

Today, let’s discuss the importance of becoming aware of your Mindset, Exercise, Lifestyle and Toxins

Working on your Mindset 

My mindset has been a huge piece of my puzzle in terms of just working on the supportive measures for my mind. How often are you working on your mindset? 

Meditation, doing deep breathing and visualisation is really important. Our brain doesn’t know the difference between us visualising something and us actually doing it. That’s why adding visualisation strategies to your roadmap of recovery can help a lot. 

Lifestyle changes

How are you living your life? Making some lifestyle changes is essential in achieving your health goals. Move your body, change your sleeping pattern and give more time for yourself.

These lifestyle changes also include limiting your exposure to toxins that many products contain. Be mindful about what you’re using on your skin and in your homes. Look at your makeup, deodorant, shampoo, soaps and other products you use daily. These may contain chemicals and substances that you should really avoid. 

Don’t forget to download this guide I’ve prepared for you today to know how to manage anxiety.