Hi everyone!

We started Week 3: Nutrition with information about SIBO diets, food intolerances, food allergies, food reintroduction and diversity of foods. 

Now, let’s talk about the seasonality of foods

Eating with the seasons is something that we tend to forget. The benefits that we can get from eating seasonal foods include improved taste, nutrient content, diversity and price, it’s better for the environment and you can get a real sense of community by supporting local businesses who are producing local foods.

Why not look for businesses who produce amazing organic home delivered seasonal produce boxes. Reducing the toxins you are exposed to by buying organic can have a positive impact on your overall health (not to mention your gut health). If you’d like to know more about switching to organic and why it might be a good idea, listen to The Healthy Gut Podcast episode 46.

You can also read my blog to learn how you can buy SIBO fruits and vegetables in season:

To help you create more SIBO-friendly snacks, click the link to watch my 90 minute SIBO Cooking Class video. You can also access the recipes in the folder below.