Welcome to Day 5 of Week 2: SIBO Testing and Treatment. Today, we’re going to discuss SIBO recovery.

Can you recover from SIBO?

“Is it possible to recover from SIBO?” That’s one of the questions I regularly get asked by my clients. The answer to that is YES. 

Contrary to popular belief, SIBO can be treated successfully and people can live wonderful lives without the burden of gut problems. As I mentioned before, it’s not all about the medications, it’s also about identifying the underlying causes, understanding that it’s not a quick fix and knowing what works for you.

For many people, a successful recovery from SIBO can take months or even years. It is rare that a complete resolution occurs after one round of SIBO treatment. If you knew you could feel vastly improved in one year, would you let that prevent you from starting the process to recovery today just because it’s not as fast as you would like it to be?


After doing a round of SIBO treatment, it is worth considering re-testing for SIBO. This will help your practitioner determine if the treatment was effective, which gases are still present, and in what quantity, how you are feeling, and what treatments should be utilised next.

While it is useful to have test results to help guide your treatment process, the most important factor is how you are feeling.  Ask yourself – do you feel any improvements?  If so, fantastic! This shows your body is starting to heal.  If not, speak to your practitioner. They need to know this information so they can continue to tweak your treatment protocol.

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