Hello everyone! 

For the 5th day of Week 5: Movement and Lifestyle, we’re going to tackle the importance of having meaningful connections and identifying which relationships are helpful or hindering your SIBO journey.

Meaningful connection with our family and friends has the power to lift us up, making our SIBO journey easier and even rewarding. They are the ones who empower us to keep moving forward.

Studies have shown that creating meaningful relationships with our family, friends, romantic partners and colleagues actually influence our health and they keep us happier, healthier and motivated. 

However, when you have a chronic illness like SIBO, it’s important to note that not everybody is sympathetic or interested in your condition. This is why it’s important to assess your relationships with the people around you. We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. 

Ask yourself, “are they helping or hindering my recovery?” and take note of the emotions you have when dealing with them. 

Consider the toxic relationships in your life and see if their behaviour is causing you stress. If being with them feels overwhelming, try to limit the time you spend with them, particularly while you are recovering. 

Choose to spend more quality moments with people who will bring joy, happiness and positivity in your life. Share your feelings with them and use it as an opportunity to educate them about your condition. 

Learn how to create meaningful connections and healthy relationships by checking the guide below: