Hello! Welcome to Day 5 of Week 3: Nutrition. Today, we’re going to focus on diversity of foods

Diversity is key

When it comes to Nutrition, it’s important to experiment with different foods. Work out what you can and cannot tolerate. 

Eating a diverse range of plant-based foods is also vital for promoting a healthy gut microbiota. Including a variety of different types of plants and a rainbow of colours in your diet provides the food our gut bacteria need to thrive and promote health from within. 

Aim for 40+ plant-based foods per week or 200 plant-based foods per year. If you’re not eating 40 plant based foods at the moment, it’s okay. You can start working your way up to that quantity by adding a new item each week or trying a new recipe that contains an ingredient you wouldn’t normally cook with.

However, it’s not only about plant-based foods. You need to be diverse in other foods as well. Make sure that you’re not eating the same protein source each week. Go for a variety of fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork and seafood (or suitable vegetarian proteins). Eat organic as much as possible and select grass fed and finished proteins and wild caught fish. It’s important that you’re eating as many different foods as possible.

Plant-Based Tracker

I created my Plant Based Food Tracker to help you identify exactly how many plant-based foods you actually eat each week and give you clarity on where you’re achieving diversity or where your focus needs to be.