Hello! Welcome to Day 4 of Week 4: Mindset

Today, we’re going to talk about stress reduction and managing your anxiety.

Worrying about your health and wellbeing when you have SIBO can be overwhelming. It can leave you feeling really stressed and anxious. 

I know how difficult it is dealing with a chronic illness like SIBO, but there are different ways you can manage it so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. 

Meditation and movement can help reduce your stress levels and improve your mood. Spending a few minutes meditating and doing deep breathing exercises can restore your calm and inner peace.

Get outside, breath in fresh air, get some sunlight on your skin and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. When we shift from an internal focus to an external focus, we can provide our anxious brain some relief by focussing on something else.

I commonly see my SIBO clients turn away from social connections. They are often afraid to socialise for fear of what their gut will do.  Yet connecting with the people who love and support you, regardless of SIBO, is important. Our family and friends have the power to lift us up, making our journey back to health easier. Spending time with loved ones doesn’t need to involve food – why not head out for a walk and a good burst of Vitamin D from the sunshine?

If you don’t have the support of your friends and family, building connections with likeminded people is just as helpful and is one of the reasons  why I developed the SIBO Coaching Program. I have witnessed people build friendships with others they’ve met through my group coaching, and finally feel they have people who understand them. I know that having a community where you can learn more about your condition and talk about any worries and concerns can really help you confidently tackle SIBO.

Check out the guide below where I share tips on how to manage anxiety.