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Yesterday, we discussed the types of SIBO diets that can help you on your SIBO journey. Today, we’re going to talk about food intolerances, food allergies and food reintroduction.

Food intolerances and allergies can be a common culprit in digestive issues. If you have food intolerances, you have trouble digesting certain foods. Whereas a food allergy is more serious, and can be fatal, and occurs when you have an allergy to food. 

Naturopath and Nutritionist Sandra Tenge talked about food intolerances, food allergies and food reintroduction. Sandra has worked in the area of health for 20 years. Her area of expertise is in he management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Digestive Health symptoms. She specialises in food allergies, food intolerances and food sensitivities.

Food reintroduction can result in some unwanted symptoms. Dr Allison Siebecker has put together a handy guide that lists her recommendations on how to recover from the common symptoms SIBOers face.