Welcome to Day 3 of Week 5: Lifestyle!

On Day 2, we talked about the importance of movement in your SIBO journey and finding the right exercise. Now, let’s discuss how to choose a lifestyle that supports your health goals

The way you live your life is fundamental to your recovery. Stress, sleep, relationships, social activities and your internal dialogue have an important role in how quickly you regain your health.

Changing your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can either support or hinder your journey back to health. Ask yourself, “Is my lifestyle helping me recover from SIBO or is it hindering my health goals?” 

Start by thinking about your food. Planning what you’re going to eat throughout the week can give you some sort of control. It may sound intimidating at first, but it actually helps you become more organised and it reduces stress.

Self-care is also important. Plan for some ‘me time’. Take long baths, take a nap or watch your favourite TV show. Do anything that will make you feel relaxed and happy. Sometimes it’s the little things that help us get through the day, especially when we’re striving to stay on track with our SIBO recovery. If life feels too hectic to schedule time for yourself, even a 5 minute break outside where you get some fresh air and sunshine will make a difference.

Things like meditation and breathing exercises, especially before you eat, can make an enormous difference to how well your body processes that food. Take a moment before you start eating to be grateful for the nourishment your meal is providing. 

Changing your clothing can be helpful too. Your clothing can either make you feel good or feel worse. If you’re not comfortable with your current wardrobe, try changing it. Invest in loose-fitting clothes, long dresses, yoga pants or any type of clothing that allows you to move comfortably. 

Addressing stress is also a significant piece of the puzzle. I know that managing stress can be very challenging, but there are ways to cope. 

Writing about your feelings or problems can help you determine the root cause of your stress. Once you identify the cause, assess what can be done about it. If nothing can be changed, you may need to change how you respond to it so that it’s not causing such a burden on you.

Check out the video below from my SIBO Coaching Program where I share some lifestyle hacks that can help you in your SIBO journey:

You can also listen to The Healthy Gut Podcast episode 80 and learn how to effectively communicate with others about SIBO, finding balance in your everyday life while dealing with a chronic condition and much more.