Hello and welcome to day 2 of the 5-Week Challenge.

A quick recap: Yesterday I talked about how important Awareness is in transforming our health. I hope you were able to read the guide I shared and learn why you need to: 

  • Understand your condition
  • Track your symptoms
  • Listen to your body
  • Understand that healing your gut is not a quick a fix solution
  • Educate yourself about SIBO
  • And understand your own health journey

Now, let’s discuss an essential part of improving your Awareness – that is becoming aware of your other conditions and history

Do you have other health conditions?

SIBO very rarely works in complete isolation. Many of us have multiple conditions that are interlinked with SIBO. And most of the time, they also have similar symptoms to SIBO which makes it harder to identify and deal with. 

This is where working with a health professional can be very beneficial. They can put together a plan for you in terms of what conditions to address first. You can also take SIBO breath tests as well as other medical diagnostics tests to get a clearer view of your overall health.

What is your history?

Another key area in Awareness is your history. Understanding how you developed SIBO is an important part of your puzzle. 

As you start this journey, try your best to document your health history from birth. It will be very helpful for your doctors so they can provide you with the most appropriate and effective treatment.  

Your history is also important as it allows you as a SIBO patient to better understand why you have SIBO and how your history has shaped you today. 

Here’s another quick guide I’ve prepared that explains how SIBO develops and other common conditions associated with it.