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Yesterday, I gave you an overview of the third Key Pillar to Health: Nutrition. Today, we’re going to talk about the SIBO diets

What is a SIBO diet?

The purpose of a SIBO diet is to temporarily reduce the number of fermentable carbohydrates in your diet to help improve your symptoms. It’s designed to calm our digestive symptoms and give us a reprieve from feeling so sick.

However, it is important to remember that a SIBO diet does not treat or cure SIBO. By its very nature, a SIBO diet should not be followed long-term. Most doctors recommend the maximum amount of time spent on a SIBO diet plan should be 6 months.

It’s also intended to be a guide and not a bible. What works well for you, won’t work well for others. You may need to modify the diet while you work out your personal tolerance levels to certain foods.

Things you need to know about a SIBO diet

  • No diet is perfect. It’s about what works for you.
  • Pick one SIBO diet and stick to it for a while so you give your body a chance to see if it works for you.
  • Customisation is generally required. Experiment with different foods and work out what you can and cannot tolerate.
  • Experiment with quantities as well as different foods. Sometimes it is just the amount of something that you eat that can cause symptoms, not the food itself.
  • If you can tolerate it, eat it, regardless of whether it appears on a SIBO diet list or not.
  • Get help if you feel overwhelmed.

Want to learn more about SIBO diets? Listen to The Healthy Gut Podcast Episode 62 below:

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