Hello! Welcome to day 2 of the 5-week challenge

A quick recap: Yesterday I talked about how important Awareness is in transforming your health. 

For today, we will discuss how you can get ready for the upcoming holidays.

Getting ready for the holidays 

US Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I can’t quite believe that the holidays are almost upon us! How are you feeling about all of these upcoming special gatherings? Are you ready to celebrate?

If you’re worried about how you can go about the holiday season, don’t worry. It’s normal and I know how frustrating it can be to prepare for all the social situations especially when you have SIBO. 

Here are some things you need to remember to achieve a successful holiday season:

  • Make a plan. Always remember that preparation is always key to success. You have a couple of weeks to get ready, make a plan and get organised. 
  • Get clear on your why. Why do you want to be healthy? Why do you need to prepare for the holidays? If you’re clear on your why, it will help you create a more structured plan. 
  • Communicate with your friends and family. Tell your family and friends your needs and what you’re doing in order to have a successful holiday season. If they’re not yet informed about your SIBO, this is also the best time to educate them. 
  • Make time for yourself. Get your planner or calendar ready and put in all the things you want to do for yourself during the holidays. 
  • Connect with likeminded people. Our 5-Week Challenge Facebook group is a safe space where you can connect with fellow SIBOers who know exactly what it’s like to live with gut issues.

Food poisoning

Did you know that we are more at risk of food poisoning during the festive season? 

The holiday season means we are often out of the house more than normal. Eating out at a family member’s or travelling for a holiday can leave us at risk of food poisoning, stomach flu or traveller’s diarrhoea.

People with compromised digestive systems or anyone who has previously been exposed to food poisoning can find themselves feeling mighty unwell when others around them are fine.

To know how to avoid food poisoning, read the article below:

Learn how to get ready for the holiday season by watching this video from my SIBO Coaching Program.