Hi! It’s Day 2 of Week 4: Mindset. Today, we will talk about the most common SIBO challenges and the key ingredients for resilience.

The path to recovery is not straight and easy. There’s a lot of obstacles that will make you feel annoyed, frustrated and depressed. Some of the common challenges that you can experience when you have SIBO are:

  • Pain, lack of energy, SIBO symptoms
  • Time constraints
  • Complex problems
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Competing demands
  • Limited resources
  • Limited control 
  • Limited medical support

In order to overcome these challenges, we need resilience in our life. Resilience is a key component in mindset. We must know how to thrive in the presence of challenges or hardships. 

The key ingredients for resilience (called BASICS) can help you in your journey back to health. BASICS stands for Body and physiological wellbeing, Affective (emotional) and cognitive wellbeing, Social wellbeing, Intellectual and occupational wellbeing, Community wellbeing and Spiritual wellbeing.

Read this guide that I have prepared for you today to know more about BASICS.

Building resilience is the key to conquer the hardships in your SIBO journey. Always remember that strength doesn’t come from what you can, it comes from overcoming the challenges and obstacles that you once thought you couldn’t. 

Tomorrow, we will talk about how and why mindset is a big part of a successful SIBO journey.