Hello! Welcome to Week 3 of my Living Well with SIBO Journey: 5-Week Challenge!

Last week, we discussed everything about SIBO Testing and Treatment: how to get tested, treatment options, recovery and SIBO relapse. For Week 3, it’s all about the third Key Pillar to Health: Nutrition

Food is our main life source as it gives us all the nutrients we need to power our bodies. When you have SIBO, what you eat can become all-consuming as you try to navigate the various SIBO diets and determine what’s the best option for you. 

The food you eat can either help or hinder your progress. So it’s really essential to understand the role of nutrition in your SIBO journey.

Expanding your Nutrition

As you go through your SIBO journey, nutritional requirements change. What you can’t eat today might be something you can eat in the future. 

Our microbiome is constantly evolving which means our tolerance to foods also evolves. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cuisines and work out what you can and cannot tolerate. Most can be modified to accommodate a SIBO diet and can be a great way to bring diversity back into your diet.

To know more about Nutrition, listen to The Healthy Gut Podcast episode 66: