Welcome to Week 4 of my Living Well with SIBO Journey: 5-Week Challenge!

Last week, we discussed everything about Nutrition: the role diet plays in your SIBO journey, the types of SIBO diets, the importance of diversity in your nutrition, managing food intolerances and food reintroduction and understanding the seasonality of foods. 

In Week 4, we will cover the fourth Key Pillar to Health: Mindset

Mindset is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to dealing with a chronic illness like SIBO. I know how difficult it is to think positively when you are unwell. We can all be forgiven for feeling sad, depressed, angry, lonely or isolated, but it’s important that we find the right tools and resources to help us shift from this headspace. 

We will also cover the following topics in the coming days:

  • Day 1: Overview of Mindset
  • Day 2: Common SIBO challenges and Resilience
  • Day 3: Mindset and SIBO
  • Day 4: Managing anxiety and tips on how to recover from holiday overindulgence
  • Day 5: Managing the emotional aspect of a SIBO diagnosis
  • Day 6: Surviving setbacks
  • Day 7: Wrap up of Mindset + Visualisation, breathing and eating exercises